Kingdom Stages – Final Instructions

Kingdom Stages – Final Instructions

Kingdom Final Instructions v1 (5)


Your start number is on the entry list.


The Serious Bit…..


Following previous complaints from locals, any competition vehicle seen driving on the road outside the venue immediately prior to or during the event will be going home shortly afterwards NO EXCEPTIONS – do NOT repeat NOT go out to “warm up the tyres/brakes/diffs/whatever” . Crail will be busy this weekend, we don’t need more PR issues please!! Please make sure your driver and service crew are presented with this info too. Thanks.


Damage – please note that if you damage fences or any other property you will be liable for the first £350 per incident. We have had

to pay out £1000 for repairs to fencing incurred at the last event, we won’t do it again.


Speed limit in the service area – is 10mph – stick to it please.



The Good Bit…..


Thank you for your entry, the response has been extraordinary. With 100 spaces available we never dreamed we would end up with over 110 crews applying to enter. If you find you will be unable to attend, please call the Entries Secretary IMMEDIATELY on 07802

551 297 and we will fill your space. Assuming we can replace you, we guarantee a full refund. Thanks to the reserves for their patience, we will do all we can to get you a run.


100 cars + 8 stages is a big challenge in November, so please can all crews do all they can to keep the event running to time. Over the day we may have to make decisions that will help the many but may disappoint a few.


The Other Stuff……


Friday Night Scrutineering: Pre-booked scrutineering, noise and signing-on is available from 4pm to 7:30pm on Friday, at the FCE Group, Banbeath Place, Leven, KY8 5HD. Map ref NO 370015 Landranger sheet 59. Please use this slot if at all possible. Contact Willie Greig to book your scrutineering time, contact 07703 436023 (mobile) 01337 831952(home). See attached sheet for directions.


Saturday Morning Scrutineering: At Crail Airfield, KY10 3XL. map ref NO 625093 Landranger sheet 59. If you were not scrutineered on Friday, follow arrows to noise check (see the service area map). Noise check and scrutineering open at 07:00. IF YOU ARE SEEDED IN THE TOP 30 AND HAVE NOT SCRUTINEERED ON FRIDAY YOU AND YOUR CAR MUST BE AT NOISE CHECK FOR OPENING AT 07:00.

A process card will be issued at Noise, bring it to scrutineering and signing on.

After noise check join the queue for scrutineering (see the service area map) and enter the hangar when instructed to do so by marshals.

Please have your log-book, MOT, helmets and overalls ready for inspection.

After scrutineering remove your car from the hangar immediately and park without causing an obstruction, then bring your process sheet and other documents to signing on. You will NOT be allowed to sign-on if your car is still in the hangar.


Competitors Signing On: Is at scrutineering in Leven on Friday, and at scrutineering in the Hangar on Saturday.


Drivers briefing: There will be one at this event at 08:00. Please do not assume that “it’s the same old Crail” some things may be

different…… have a walk around and see, but be off the stages for the briefing at the hangar.


Rally HQ is at the big hangar.


Rally Notice Board is at Competitors Signing On, and thereafter at Rally HQ.


Marshals’ Signing On: Is at the scrutineering hangar.


Safety Crew Signing On: (Radio, Rescue, Recovery, Medic) Is at the Hangar.


Results will be published at the hangar , where any results queries should be directed.



Service Area/Parking:  We need to fit in 100 crews, so please park your van, rally car, trailer, motorhome, hospitality bus, spare car etc considerately. We know we can fit everyone in, but only if you all play the game by the rules.


Litter: Black bin liners will be issued with the start pack. Put your rubbish in the bag, and put it in a bin or take it away with you. Especially, do NOT leave empty fuel containers or cans of used oil; take them away with you. Service on a groundsheet, and clear up any spills of oil or other fluids. Competitors are held responsible for the actions of their service crews, and may be penalised, up to and including exclusion.


Refuelling : there is a designated refueling area marked on the Service area map


Airfield on Friday night: You may stay on the airfield – a charge of £10 will be levied by the landowner for anything left overnight

– that includes groundsheets and cones.


Service Crews: Arrival after 08:00am is likely to incur a parking charge by the landowner.


Recovery: Recovery will take place after stage 4 and at the end of the rally. Other recovery may also be possible, however we will not delay the start of subsequent stages to allow recovery. Please note that if you wish to enter the Trophy Rally, you will need to be re-scrutineered, so contact Rally HQ.


Out of Bounds Areas: Some areas of the airfield, including all buildings other than in use by rally personnel, are out of bounds.

The Control Tower is a prohibited area to everyone. Any unauthorized people found in these areas will cause the associated crew to be excluded. There are clearly marked spectator areas. Competitors, service crews and spectators must stay off the crops, and must also keep off the bales and fences. Competitors may be penalised for the actions of service crews, friends, etc.


Quad Bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, scooters, go-peds, etc. are forbidden in Service Areas, due to irresponsible driving at previous events (see also MSA guidelines), and may not be used to recce the stages. Don’t bring them. Competitors may be penalised for the actions of service crews, friends, etc.



Lunch: The burger van will give priority to serving marshals before competitors and service crews, especially during the lunch break, so that they can get back to their posts in good time. Please be patient, they have been standing out in the cold while you have

been sitting in your nice cosy car.


Missing Details If you left a lot of blank space on your entry form – like co-driver name and address, next of kin name and address and contact details – please take a couple of minutes use the online system to update it if that is how you generated the entry, or send that information to the entries secretary, who may be able to transfer it to your entry form. Email to treasurer@glenrothes-  or ring 01383 622782 (not after 9pm please). That will save holding up a hundred people behind you in the signing-on queue on Saturday morning.


Wheels Around will be in attendance, if you need some new shoes.


Alterations to Supplementary regulations.

Scrutineering times: As detailed above

Assistant CoC Tom Matthews

MSA Steward George Hay

Competitor Liason Officer Susan Shanks

Permission has been requested to use turbo fuel Per (J 5.13.4)


Finally, thank you for your entry. Have a safe and enjoyable rally.  Be super nice to the marshals who’ve given up a Saturday so

you can have a play.





Friday Scrutineering Instructions


Friday Night Scrutineering: There will be a scrutineering and signing-on session from 4pm till 8pm on Friday evening at The FCE Group, Banbeath Place, Leven, KY8 5HD, courtesy of John Rintoul. Map ref NO 370 015 Landranger sheet 59. Parking is limited, you must book your scrutineering time in advance, contact 07703 436023 (mobile) 01337

830230 (garage) 01337 831952(home).




Go to or and type the postcode KY8 5HD

Don’t use MultiMap, which gets it wrong and puts that postcode several miles away in Cupar.


From the Forth Bridge leave M90 at J2a and take A92 towards Kirkcaldy and Glenrothes for 10 miles

Follow the A92 dual carriageway past Kirkcaldy West exit then at the Kirkcaldy East exit, take the third exit onto the A921. After 0.7 miles turn left on the A915 towards Leven for 7 miles. Entering Leven go through two roundabouts, The Diageo plant will be on your left  then turn left at traffic lights into Kennoway Road (traveling

northish) , then second left into Banbeath Place, follow arrows.

From Tay Bridge, follow A92 for 24 miles to Glenrothes.

In Glenrothes, go straight on at first roundabout then under footbridge and turn left at roundabout onto A911 towards Leven for 4.2 miles.

At next roundabout take second exit A915 towards Leven for 1.6 miles.

In Leven, go through two roundabouts, Diageo plant on your left, turn left at traffic lights into Kennoway Road, second       left into Banbeath Place (arrows).


Banbeath Ind Estate Kennoway 2








From Perth, leave M90 at J9 Bridge of Earn turning left onto A912, at the Bien Inn turn left still on A912 to Gateside.

In Gateside turn left onto A91 for 2 miles,

then turn right onto A912 through Strathmiglo and Falkland. At roundabout, turn right (3rd exit) onto A92.

In Glenrothes, go straight on at first roundabout then under footbridge and turn left at roundabout onto A911 towards Leven for 4.2 miles.

At next roundabout take second exit A915 towards Leven for 1.6 miles.

In Leven, go through two roundabouts Diageo plant on your left, turn left at traffic lights into Kennoway Road, second left into Banbeath Place (arrows).


Crail is further East…..

Denmark is over there ->




Glenrothes Motor Sport Club Ltd.
The Kingdom Stages Rally
Service Area Risk Management

Entrants, competitors and service crew members should be aware of their own and other people’s safety and well

being, when competing in motor sport.


1. All entrants should have an environmental ground-sheet in place before work commences on the vehicle.

2. All service vehicles should have an environmental spill-kit, for use in the event of liquid spillage. (Competing cars should also carry such a kit.)

3. Fire extinguishers should be readily available at all times when vehicles are to be worked on, particularly in the event of any welding or grinding being carried out and when vehicles are being refuelled.

4. Vehicles should be supported by axle stands, chassis sill stands or ramps, all with recommended base plates, when

raised in the air by trolley or any other types of jack. Engines should not be run when the vehicle is raised on stands. No other work on the car should be attempted, when raising or lowering of the car is taking place.

5. If re-fuelling is permitted in the Service Area, this should be the last operation to be carried out before the vehicles leave. The vehicle should be off any support stands, have all four wheels on the ground, have all other work ceased and have no occupants, when re-fuelling commences. Ideally re-fuelling should be by hand pumping, rather than from hand held containers.

6. Spillage of any liquid should be contained immediately by the crew concerned.


A) Storage & Use of Petroleum Spirit

1. Containers should comply with the relevant British Standard, should be marked “Petroleum Spirit-Highly Flammable”

and be kept from any source of ignition.

2. All empty containers should be removed from the venue after the event.

3. Petrol is to be used as fuel only, not for any other purpose.

4. All vehicle re-fuelling is to take place in the open air. A “No Smoking” area should be enforced and an operative

should be on standby with a fire extinguisher.

5. Refuelling operatives, including those standing by with fire extinguishers, should ensure they are wearing protective clothing, including gloves and eye protection.


B) Hazardous Substances

1. Some vehicle parts, for example brake & clutch linings, contain asbestos. Competitors are encouraged to use non- asbestos substitutes where possible. Where asbestos is used, every effort should be made to prevent dust being released.

2. Some mineral oils may cause skin cancers. Where contact does occur, contamination should be washed off immediately. The wearing of any contaminated clothing should be avoided.

3. Other substances may cause ill health. Suppliers will have information about the possible effects of their products, on request.


C) Electrical Safety

1. All electrical equipment should be maintained in a safe condition.

2. Extension leads & cables should be neoprene, oil resistant flexible cable.

3. All electrical equipment used externally should be weatherproof and tools should be “double” or “all insulated”

against electric shock.

4. Electrical equipment and hand tools should not be used where flammable vapours are present.


D) Fire Precautions

1. All competition and service vehicles should carry a suitable fire extinguisher.

2. Special consideration should be made before lighting any cooking appliance.

3. All sources of ignition should be kept away from any fuel store or re-fuelling area.

4. Fire extinguishers should not be moved from their known location, other than when in use.

5. In the event of any fire, a report should be made to the organisers of the event before leaving the venue.

6. All entrants are encouraged to train their personnel in correct fire prevention and treatment procedures.


E) Compressed Air Equipment



1. Air blasts from over inflated tyres can cause severe injury. Tyres should not be inflated above manufacturers recommendation figures.

2. Always stand clear when inflating tyres.

3. Compressors & air lines should be inspected regularly.

4. Compressed air cylinders should be stored and used to suppliers recommendations.


F) General Working Practices

1. All working areas should be kept clean & tidy. All waste & spillage should be cleared up immediately, removed by the entrant at the end of the event and disposed of in a responsible manner.

2. Trailing cables & hoses should not be allowed to create a trip hazard and should not be run across access or roadways.

3. Whenever vehicle engines are being run, adequate ventilation must be in place.

4. All safety notices should be complied with.

5. Any personnel carrying out work should ensure that they adopt safe working practices at all times.

6. Service crews and competitors need to be aware of the long periods of exposure to cold, wet or heat, experienced while on location in service areas and dress accordingly.

7. Children under 16 years of age are to be closely supervised and should not leave your designated area unaccompanied. They are children and as such are your responsibility!!

G) Noise

1. Exposure to excessive noise may result in hearing loss, or other complaints. These may be short term, or after prolonged exposure, permanent.

2. Where exposure to noise is unavoidable, ear defenders should be worn.

H) Manual Handling

1. Lifting, carrying and propelling of loads by bodily force is a major cause of industrial injuries. All entrants are encouraged to train their personnel in safe manual handling techniques.

I) Waste

1. Entrants should remove all waste from the venue, including containers, packaging, tyres, oils etc. They must be disposed of it in a responsible manner.

J) Vehicle Safety

1. A 10 mph speed limit should be observed at all times in a Service Area, other than for Emergency Vehicles which may be attending an incident.

2. There may be pedestrians in Service Areas. Special care must be taken in these circumstances, to avoid collisions.

3. The unauthorised use of mopeds, motorcycles, scooters, go-peds, quads etc. is forbidden in Service Areas.

4. Vehicles may only be driven by persons holding valid driving licences for that class of vehicle.

K) First Aid

1. Any person sustaining injury or illness, should seek treatment from the event emergency services, by initially reporting to the Senior Official in charge of the Service Area, who will ensure the appropriate response.

L) Public Safety

1. Entrants and their associated personnel should act in a manner so as not to put either themselves or any other person at risk of injury.

M) Reporting of Accidents & Incidents

1. All accidents where any person sustains injury, or where damage to property occurs, should be reported immediately to the Senior Official in charge of the Service Area.

N) Further Regulations and Information

1. Entrants are reminded of their obligations to comply with the requirements of the appropriate sporting regulations at all times. These Guidance Notes should be read in conjunction with all relevant regulations.

The MSA Rallies Committee are indebted to the following for assistance in the compilation of this paper:- The Rallye Sunseeker & Southern Car Club.

Neil Roden – Safety Officer of the Rallye Sunseeker.

Peter Clingan – MSA Environmental Scrutineer of Dumfries.

John Arnold – Hon. Secretary. Association of West Midlands Car Clubs


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