The Aquarius Navigational Rally – Supplementary Regulations

The Aquarius Navigational Rally – Supplementary Regulations

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2005       Stewart Anderson / Ewan Leeming      BMW

2006-12   Not held

2013       John Clark / Steve Turnbull                  Audi Quattro

2014       Drew Barker / Stuart Waite                   Vauxhall Corsa

2015       …



Glenrothes Motor Sport Club Ltd will organise a National B and Clubman permit Navigational Rally The Aquarius Navigational

Rally on 24th/25th January 2015, starting & finishining in Kinross.



The meeting will be held under the General Regulations of The Motor Sports Association (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), these Supplementary Regulations and any written instructions that the organising club may issue for the event.



MSA Permit No. (National B)  TBA MSA Permit No. (Clubman)    TBA Route Authorisation No.          TBA



The National B event is open to members of the organising club, registered competitors in the Scottish Association of Car Clubs Navigational Rally Championship, and members of any club affiliated with the following invited regional associations:

Scottish Association of Car Clubs, Association of North East & Cumbria Car Clubs, Association of Northern Ireland Car Clubs, Association of Northern Car Clubs

The Clubman event is open to members of the organising club, and the following invited clubs:

55 CC, 63 CC, 750 MC Scotland, Berwick & District MC, Border Ecosse CC, Dunfermline CC, East Ayrshire CC, Edinburgh University MSC, Highland CC, Knockhill MSC, Saltire RC, Scottish Sporting CC, Solway CC, South of Scotland CC, Stonehaven & District MC.



Competitors in the National B event must produce a valid 2015 MSA competition licence and Club Membership Card. GMSC membership can be obtained for £10 adult, £2 under 17. Drivers and navigators require a Non-Race National B licence or higher.


Applications for licences can be applied for on the day, and must be accompanied by a passport photo and a fully filled out form with credit card details or a cheque payable to the Motorsport Sports Association – don’t seal the envelope.

You can download the licence application form from

and the Competition Licence notes from

Competitors in the Clubman event will not require a competition licence, but must produce a valid 2015 Club Membership Card. GMSC membership can be obtained for £10 adult, £2 under 17.



The National B event shall form part of the 2015 Scottish Association of Car Clubs Navigational Rally Championship

(2015/TBC), and the 2015 Glenrothes Motor Sport Club Championship.


The Clubman event shall form part of the 2015 Glenrothes Motor Sport Club Championship only.



Entries Close




Friday 16th January

Scrutineering & Signing On Open 17:00 Saturday 24th February
Scrutineering & Signing On Close, Drivers Briefing 19:30  
Standard Time at MTC0 20:00  
Standard Time at MTC1 22:00  



Competitors will require Ordnance Survey Landranger (1:50000) maps 58 Edition B4 (2013) & 59 Edition C3 (2010). Any feature of the map, legend or cardboard cover may be used to define the route to be taken.

Competitors will be supplied with route cards and route instructions as necessary at MTC0. Time cards and a list of out of bounds areas and Quiet Zones may be provided at signing on. These documents will provide all the information necessary for competitors to comply with R.9. The correct route will be deemed to be the shortest route which complies with the instructions, and straight-on unless otherwise instructed.

The total mileage will consist of up to 142 miles on both public highway & private property. Under-guarding will not be necessary. Competitors should ensure they carry enough fuel to travel approximately 75 miles.

Fuel will be available within 2 miles of the start & finish venues (both 24hr), and along the route.



Entries for all events will be divided into the following classes:

Expert – Either member of the crew having finished in the top 3 of a road event of National B or higher status on at least three occasions, in the last 5 years (i.e. since 1st January 2010), in the role entered

Semi-Expert – Either member of the crew having finished in the top 10 of a road event of National B or higher status on at least three occasions, in the last 5 years (i.e. since 1st January 2010), in the role entered

Novice – All crews not eligible for the other two classes



All vehicles must comply with the MSA technical regulations J.5. and R.16.1.7., and must be taxed, MOT’d and insured for use on the public highway. Competitors should in particular note the following:-

J.5.20.6 – Vehicles of a commercial type, such as vans/pick-ups, may be used.

R.6.1.1 – Competitors will be identified by numbers issued by the organisers. Cars will be identified by two rally plates. These must be fixed to the nearside back window and to the rear window of the car. They must be removed on completion of the event or upon retirement.

R.18.5 – Vehicles must have a max of four forward facing beams, as well as side and indicator lights.

R.18.6 – The vehicle must be currently registered and taxed as a Private Car.

R.18.6.1 – Vehicles may not use racing style numbers, nor have any advertising except for event sponsor decals which must be incorporated within the rally plate.

R.18.6.5. All vehicles must carry a Small Spill Kit complying with J.5.20.13.


Clerk of the Course Richard Crozier 07942 359208
Deputy Clerk of Course TBA TBA TBA
Secretary of the Meeting Richard Crozier 07942 359208
Entries Secretary Maureen Crozier 01577 864921
Chief Marshal TBA TBA TBA
Chief Timekeeper TBA TBA TBA
Chief Scrutineer TBA TBA TBA
Stewards TBA TBA TBA
Child Protection Officer TBA TBA TBA



Provisional results will be published as soon as possible following the end of the event. Any protests must be lodged in accordance with C.5. Awards will be presented in each event as follows:

1st Overall

1st in Class (subject to minimum 3 in class)

2nd in Class (subject to minimum 6 in class)

3rd in Class (subject to minimum 10 in class)

1st Clubman


No competitor may win more than one award.




The Entry List opens on publication of these Regulations. No entries will be acknowledged before that date. All entries will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

The Entry List officially closes at 21:00 on Friday 16th January. All entries must be made on the official entry form and accompanied with the appropriate entry fee. Cheques should be payable to ‘Glenrothes Motor Sport Club Ltd’. Telephone entries and post-dated cheques will not be accepted.

The entry fee for the event is £40, including a meal for two at the finish. The maximum total entry for the event is 60 and the minimum is 12.

The maximum entry for the Clubman event is 20 and the minimum is 4.

The organisers reserve the right to cancel or postpone the meeting or amalgamate classes should the minimums not be attained. In the case of a withdrawn entry, entry fees will only be refunded in full if written notice is received prior to the closing date. The organisers reserve the right to refuse an entry.

The Entries Secretary for the Rally to whom all entries should be sent is:

Maureen Crozier

10 Kellieside Park, Kinross, Perth & Kinross, KY13 0NR

01577 864921




The facts to be judged by Judges of Fact and Driving Standards Observers shall include the following:

Excessive noise (observed during the event) Excessive speed

Driving in a manner likely to bring motor sport into disrepute

Compliance with Quiet Zones

Failure to stop at a give way



The General Regulations of the MSA shall apply, except as modified below:

R.5.4 – Only the nominated Driver listed on the official entry form can drive on the event

R.7.2.3 – Competitors may carry mobile telephones in their vehicle for medical emergency use only.

R.10.4.4 – The penalty to be imposed for stopping within sight of but outside the control area of any Intermediate Time Control and the Finish Time Control shall be 0 minutes.

R.15.2.2 – In the event of a tie, the competitor who has completed the greater portion of the competition from the Start, including tests (if any), without penalty (or if both incurred a penalty at the same point, with the lesser penalty), will be judged the winner, failing which, the competitor with the lesser engine capacity.


Marking and penalties will be as written in R Appendix 1 Chart 13 (“Time”), except as modified below:

(a) Not reporting or reporting OTL at a Main Time Control – Retired

(b) Not reporting or reporting OTL at any other Time Control – 30 minutes

(c) Not complying with the route card including visiting a control more than once, or app. in the wrong direction – 15 minutes

(d) Not reporting at a Passage Control or providing proof of visiting a Route Check (e.g. code board) – 15 minutes

(e) Arrival before scheduled time at the end of a Standard Section – 2 minutes per minute

(f) Arrival after due time at the end of a Standard Section – 1 minute per minute

(g) Arrival before due time at the end of a Neutral Section – 30 minutes

(h) Arrival before due time at an intermediate control or finish control of a Regularity Section – Actual time early

(j) Arrival after due time at an intermediate control or finish control of a Regularity Section – Actual time late

(k) Breach of any statutory requirement concerning the use of a motor vehicle – 30 minutes

(l) Contravention of 12.7; First Offence – 30 minutes; Second Offence – Exclusion (m) Excessive speed or driving likely to bring motor sport into disrepute – Exclusion (n) Excessive sound – Exclusion

(o) Receiving assistance contrary to 7.2.4 – Exclusion

(p) Breach of 7.2.3, 18.6.4, 116 – Exclusion

(q) Breach of 5.4, 15.1.2, 15.1.4, 9.1.4, 9.1.5, 9.1.6 – Exclusion

(q) Breach of 9.1.3 First Offence – 30 minutes; Second Offence – Exclusion


An MSA Competitors’ and Officials’ Yearbook will be available for reference at signing on and the finish.



The control types and abbreviations to be used shall be as follows:

MTC Main Time Control STC Standard Time Control
RITC Regularity Inter. Time Control RFTC Regularity Finish Time Control
STS Special Test Start STF Special Test Finish
TTC Transport Time Control NTC Neutral Time Control
PC/RC Passage Control / Route Check


Secret Check
s Section timed to the second    


Cars will leave the start at one-minute intervals. Timing shall be Scheduled Timing by officials’ watches. A clock showing rally time shall be on display at signing on.

No oral instruction to Competitors during an event will be valid if this affects the route, the time schedule or the layout or performance of a section or test. Any such instructions must be displayed as an official notice at least 30 minutes before the first car is due to start, or issued in writing to each competitor who must acknowledge receipt in writing (D.8.1.4, G.11.1).

Controls will open 15 minutes before the due time of the first car, and close 30 minutes and 59 seconds after the last car is due, as per R.11.1.




Servicing will not be permitted at any time during the event except by a crew working on their own. The penalty for infringement will be exclusion.

Competitors may work unaided and may use tools and parts carried by them, or bought/borrowed from fellow competing crews in the event.




Competitors must have Insurance in place which provides Third Party Liability cover that complies with the Road Traffic Act. Any responsibility for a fraudulent or misleading declaration about existing cover lies with the competitor. If a competitor wishes to purchase cover via the organisers, then they can do so prior to the event providing they comply with the following:

Age 19 years or over

Has held a full licence for a minimum of 6 months

Has no more than 6 points of their licence

Has had no more than 1 fault claim in the last 3 years


Any competitor, who falls outside these parameters, may be offered cover at the standard price (or a higher price) depending on circumstances. These competitors must ask the event organisers to obtain agreement from Chaucer Insurance prior to the event.

The Event Organiser’s RTA scheme is underwritten by REIS.

The standard price of the Event Organiser’s RTA scheme is £25.

Anyone aged less than 19 years old will also be accepted at the same price should their navigator be a more senior member of their family or over 25.

Entrants using their own insurance must supply their insurer’s Name, Address and Policy Number on the Entry Form and sign to that effect at signing on.




Parents, guardians or guarantors of drivers or navigators under the age of 18 years of age are required to sign on at the start of events to enable their child to participate. By signing on, these parents, guardians or guarantors confirm that they have acquainted themselves with, and agree to be bound by the MSA’s general regulations and MSA regulation D13.1.1.(c) and they also agree to accept the consequences and any associated penalties imposed for not adhering to the MSA General Regulations.




Accident declaration forms must be completed & returned to the secretary at the end of the event.

In the event of an accident involving third party damage, drivers must at the time of the accident inform the owner or their representatives or agents and give their names and addresses and other information required. If they are unable to comply with this then the police must be informed as soon as possible, and in any case within 24 hrs. The completion of a damage report does not absolve drivers of their responsibility of reporting to the owner or police.

Any competitor, who is successfully prosecuted as a result of their conduct in connection with a motor vehicle while taking part in this event may, at the discretion of the Stewards of the meeting, consequently be excluded from the results of the event and forfeit any awards.


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