Aquarius Navigational Rally 2017 – Final Instructions

Aquarius Navigational Rally 2017 – Final Instructions

Thank you for supporting the event, and a warm welcome to the 2017 Aquarius Navigational Rally.

The following amendments, addendums &/or clarifications are made to the Supplementary Regulations:



<Add> DF Designs (Llanfyllin)

<Add> SP Sat Timing (Newtown)



RSAC Route Authorisation No.002/17/S


Noise, Scrutineering & Documentation Open 17:00 Saturday 4th February
Noise, Scrutineering & Documentation Close 19:15
Competitors’ Briefing 19:30
Standard Time at MTC0 20:00
Marshal’s Signing On Close 20:45
Standard Time at MTC1 21:20
Standard Time at MTC/NTC17 (Refuel In) 23:04
Standard Time at MTC18 (Refuel Out) 23:40
Standard Time at MTC/NTC35 (Finish) 02:00 Sunday 5thFebruary


24hr Fuel (nr Start & Finish) 58/ 1080 028½ Kinross Services, Kinross, KY13 0NQ
Trailer Parking, Noise, Scrut 58/ 1180 035½ Loch Leven Community Campus, The Muirs, Kinross, KY13 8FQ
Documentation / MTC0 / MTC1 58/ 1180 035½ Loch Leven Community Campus, The Muirs, Kinross, KY13 8FQ
NTC/MTC17 / MTC18 (Refuel) 58/ 1080 028½ Kinross Services, Kinross, KY13 0NQ
NTC/MTC35 (Finish) 58/ 1210 0460 Milnathort Golf Club, South Street, Milnathort, KY13 9XA




Beyond the controls identified in SR 16, abbreviations which may be to define the route used shall be as follows:



Q Quiet Zone
CAR Consider All Roads /Q End Quiet
CRO Coloured Roads Only SGW Stop at Give Way (vehicle must cease all forward motion)
NAM Not As Map (follow route on diagram) GW Give Way (treat as per Highway Code)
LWR Long Way Round SWR Short Way Round

All route instructions shall be Coloured Roads Only (CRO) unless otherwise indicated – white roads indicated by dotted line.

All Regularity sections shall be timed at an average speed of 30mph unless otherwise indicated.




The Aquarius Navigational Rally

Expert (5 entries) and Semi-Expert (2 entries) are amalgamated.

The Aquarius Clubman Navigational Rally

Expert (1 entry), Semi-Expert (1 entry) and Novice (7 entries) are amalgamated.




R.18.6.5.  As the entire route shall now be contained on the public highway, carrying of a Small Spill Kit shall not be mandatory, but is highly recommended.



Deputy Clerk of Course <Add> Michael Cruickhank
Club Stewards <Add> Steve Turnbull

<Add> George Shand

Environmental Scrutineer <Add> Neil Ritchie
Chief Timekeeper <Add> Richard Crozier
Results <Add> Richard Crozier
Competitor Relations Officer Shona Lane

07723 018082





The following awards shall be presented:


The Aquarius Navigational Rally


1st Overall Award to driver & navigator
1st Expert/Semi Award to driver & navigator
2nd Expert/Semi Award to driver & navigator
1st Novice Award to driver & navigator


The Aquarius Clubman Navigational Rally


1st Overall Award to driver & navigator
1st Expert/Semi/Novice Award to driver & navigator
2nd Expert/Semi/Novice Award to driver & navigator


No competitor may win more than one award.





<Reminder!> R.10.4.4  – The penalty to be imposed for stopping within sight of but outside the control area of any Intermediate Time Control and the Finish Time Control shall be 0 minutes.

N.B. As such, no Measured Distance facility shall be provided, nor shall Time/Speed/Distance tables be required. The organisers’ mileages shall be deemed to be correct in all cases, and shall not be subject to protest nor appeal.




Control & timing procedures are elaborated upon as follows:

R.9.2.1. Any control is considered to extend for 50m around the actual point at which Officials are making their records, or 3m in the case of NAM “See Diagram” controls. You may advance into the control area up to one minute preceding your due time, and wait for your time.

R.12.3. The time of arrival at or departure from a control including intermediate and final controls of Regularity Sections, will be the time at which the Time Card is presented by the Competitor concerned, providing all crew members and cars are within the control area. All marshals shall be instructed that no card marking shall occur until the time due is shown on their clock.

R.30.2.2. Where a control at the end of a section timed to the second (or to the second and part thereof) also forms the start of a section timed to the minute, the time of departure will be considered as being the same as arrival, but ignoring any seconds or parts thereof.


Seeded entry list is available at:

To allow competitors to familiarise themselves with the style of navigation used on the event, sample navigation from the 2016 event has been made available on the club website at:






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